Benefits of the Cloud

Cloud Hosted Virtual Office provides many benefits over in house server solutions like:
security, reliability, fixed cost, improved performance, backups and disaster recovery.

The Cloud Advantage

•Provides Software as a Service
•Service with guarantees
•Fixed service cost
•Significantly reduce onsite support
•Workstations become disposable and easily replaced
•Eliminate in house server cost
•Improved performance for users
•Extend workstations life cycle another 4-6 years
•Replacement workstations cost as little as $100-$200 and last 6-8 years
•Increases uptime for all staff
•Backup and disaster recovery are managed by professionals
•Enhanced mobile computing for employees who travel
•Staff can move between workstations and keep their personal workspace with them everywhere
•iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Laptop and many other devices are supported

Cloud Benefits

•Datacenter protection, 24×7 monitoring
•utilities, power, hvac, internet
•N+2 Redundant infrastructure with automatic failover and high availability for:
•Climate control
•Up to date System for compatibility, security, and intrusion prevention
•Enhanced security with policy enforcement protecting sensitive data from viruses and malware
•Provide the highest levels of security against fire, theft, electrical and other environmental issues
•Controlled SAS70 and HIPAA compliant environment for security of information

Cloud Services

•Virtualized Sever and Workstation Environment
•Hosted Applications for virtually any software package
•Daily support as defined in contract
•Daily backup maintained by INS
•Expedited repair on technical issues
•Golden image restore – enhanced disaster recovery
•Full monitoring of all services, infrastructure monitoring 24×7
•Seamless upgrades as new services are needed
•Quick roll out of new software
•Enables true disaster recovery for office wide issues enabling staff to work anywhere
•Controlled SAS70 and HIPAA compliant environment for security of information

Spam and virus filtering services
Exchange Email service
Lockbox file sharing with 20GB space, unlimited usage