INS Cabling

INS offer a variety of data cabling services. Many companies have high-tech demands. Most companiesCabling require a full range of communication systems from telecommunications to network environments. As a result of these high-tech demands the cost and complexity of data infrastructure constantly increase. Cabling is at the heart of these complex systems. Cabling must transfer the data with high reliability. INS can help your business plan for the proper cabling for your communication and network systems. The lack of initial planning can prove to be both costly and inefficient.  Data cabling is not a simple matter of just sticking a cable in a wall socket and the other end in a computer. Because of the different types available, a professional installation is highly recommended to make sure the right equipment, software and layout are used. This prevents performance problems, it keeps the system operating correctly, and it avoids accidental damage.  Amateur and unexperienced attempts at setting up data wiring systems can quickly lead to headaches, equipment compatibility problems and poor data transfer performance. Do the job right by hiring professional installation help up front. It will save time and money in the long run.  Trust INS!

What is Cabling?

Data cabling is the networking of cables to be able to relay data from one point to another. It enables communication between different users and analyzing of data at a central point. There are different types of cables for networking and the latest being fibre optics cables which transfer data signals in form of light.

Types of Cabling

1. Structured network cabling & data cabling / wiring (LAN cable installation) including LAN cabling installation of Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6, installation.
2. Voice & telephone cabling / wiring.
3. Audio/Video provide customers with the flexibility to install any combination of phones, modems and analog lines at any location.
4. Patch panel installation & termination.
5. Coax cabling has been the medium of choice for high fidelity audio, television, satellite and broadband communications.