INS Cameras

Integrated Network Systems can provide camera systems for your business. A growing trend in the business community is to install a web camera Camerasthat can be accessed via the internet for viewing anywhere you have internet access. You can be on vacation and look in on your business over the internet. These web cameras are password protected so security can be maintained. A representative from Integrated Network Systems can consult with you to determine what video system would be most beneficial to your business. Integrated Network System has the knowledge to advise, install, and maintain the CCTV system in your business.

Benefits of Cameras

Video surveillance is an ever expanding field throughout the business community. Video surveillance systems areĀ  not only applied to the security purposes but also to the other fields like laboratories in schools or in private companies, even to production lines in factories.

Security cameras offer businesses more than peace of mind. Installing security cameras can provide real value for your business, like:

  • Video evidence. High-resolution footage and sound recordings let you capture everything that happens on your property. Even if the main purpose is to catch criminals who attempt to steal from your inventory or vandalize the property, you could end up capturing far more than intended. For example, with sound recording, you may pick up on foul play among your employees or record instances of harassment. With audio and video evidence, you have everything you need to shore up legal cases that arise.
  • Solid support for insurance claims. Recorded footage of a theft or vandalism should be enough to validate your insurance claim. Plus, even if you never use footage in court, for investigations, or to make insurance claims, the lower insurance premiums that result from installing security cameras help your investment pay for itself.
  • Deterrent for wrong doings. Often the mere presence of security cameras is enough to stop a vandal or burglar in their tracks. These wrongdoers are less inclined to rob property when they know their criminal activities will be captured on film.
  • Aid for your alarm system. One of the best ways to realize all the benefits of security cameras is to combine security cameras with a robust business alarm system. When an alarm sounds, a thief may panic and give something away. With this combination, you can stop wrongdoers in the act and also capture footage of their attempts for court use.

Types of Cameras

CCTV, Closed Circuit TeleVision, is a TV system that does not broadcast TV signals to public but transmits them over to limited monitor(s). CCTV system usually utilizes CCDvideo cameras (to produce the video), cable or wireless transmitters/receivers or Internet (to transmit the video), and monitors (to see the video).

Web Camera (Web Camera Server or Network Camera) is a CCTVCamera with built-in network video server so that you can connect it to a network line such as DSL or T-1 for the Internet or LAN. When you assign an IP address to the camera, you can see the camera’s video at any place where the network line is available.