The Cloud


INS Cloud Computing Connects All of Your Devices and Resources, Data, and Communication Together

Cloud Hosted Virtual Office provides many benefits over in house server solutions like:
security, reliability, fixed cost, improved performance, backups and disaster recovery.

The Cloud Advantage
  • Provides Software as a Service
  • Service with guarantees
  • Fixed service cost
  • Significantly reduce onsite support
  • Workstations become disposable and easily replaced
  • Eliminate in house server cost
  • Improved performance for users
  • Extend workstations life cycle another 4-6 years
  • Replacement workstations cost as little as $100-$200 and last 6-8 years
  • Increases uptime for all staff
  • Backup and disaster recovery are managed by professionals
  • Enhanced mobile computing for employees who travel
  • Staff can move between workstations and keep their personal workspace with them everywhere
  • iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Laptop and many other devices are supported


Cloud Services
  • Virtualized Sever and Workstation Environment
  • Hosted Applications for virtually any software package
  • Daily support as defined in contract
  • Daily backup maintained by INS
  • Expedited repair on technical issues
  • Golden image restore – enhanced disaster recovery
  • Full monitoring of all services, infrastructure monitoring 24×7
  • Seamless upgrades as new services are needed
  • Quick roll out of new software
  • Enables true disaster recovery for office wide issues enabling staff to work anywhere
  • Controlled SAS70 and HIPAA compliant environment for security of information

Spam and virus filtering services
Exchange Email service


Cloud Benefits
  • Datacenter protection, 24×7 monitoring
    • utilities, power, hvac, internet
    • security
    • fire
  • N+2 Redundant infrastructure with automatic failover and high availability for:
    • Power
    • Internet
    • Climate control
  • Up to date System for compatibility, security, and intrusion prevention
  • Enhanced security with policy enforcement protecting sensitive data from viruses and malware
  • Provide the highest levels of security against fire, theft, electrical and other environmental issues
  • Controlled SAS70 and HIPAA compliant environment for security of information

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