Servers and Workstations Setup and Administration Servers and Work Stations Setup and Administration
Our experience has lead to the commonsense premise that every client’s needs are unique. As a result, every environment is customized and tailored to the specific company’s requirements. All needs are evaluated for current and future conditions. INS System Administrators can provide day-to-day service and support of your computing environment. Reliable and affordable IT management can only be accomplished by hiring certified technicians who have the proper knowledge, experience, and tools, to get the job done right the first time.

Computer Repairs and Upgrades Repairs and Upgrades
Whether your business needs computer upgrades, new installation, or computer repairs, INS has qualified technicians to solve your computer problem. If your small business requires occasional technology support, but doesn’t have the need for full-time IT management, we are your solution. INS can support your existing technology infrastructure, make recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce cost, or just be your on-call IT department when problems arise.

Presentations and Video Conferencing Presentations and Video Conferencing
The value of presentation and video conferencing systems speaks for itself. INS can implement high or low end solutions at a personal workstation or for a large conference center, allowing for the highest level of communication system available today.

Smart Phones and Tablet Solutions Smart Phone and Tablet Solutions
Mobile devices come in many forms today. Mobile devices have continued to be the fastest growing technology and are utilized by people for all forms of communication. These devices allow users to have immediate access to all types of information at all times, from emails, contacts, calendars, documents and video, to entertainment services such as TV, music and radio. INS implements dozens of mobile systems each year. We can provide our experience in choosing the solution that is best for you and your business.

Maintenance and Preventative Strategies Maintenance and Preventative Strategies
As with most technology, it is more cost-effective to do regular maintenance and service than it is to neglect it and pay for major repairs. With computer technologies, this is even more true. Along with protecting your investment, it is equally important to maintain high levels of performance so your staff can be efficient and productive. If your employees are having delays in productivity from downtime or slow services, this will outweigh the costs of maintaining high performance office tools.

Backup and Recovery Systems Backup and Recovery Systems
The backup system is the single most important computer service at your business. Neglecting this system can be extremely detrimental and costly. It is guaranteed that at some point your computer systems will experience hardware failure, user mistakes, or possible viral destruction of valuable information. There is always the fear of theft, fire, or other disasters out of your control. The bottom line in protection is to have daily reliable backups of your information and to formulate disaster recovery steps for when a problem occurs. We can provide these solutions and implement strategies for prevention and disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery PreparationDisaster Recovery Preparation
In the event that your current facilities or equipment are rendered unavailable due to fire, flood, electrical or other forms of damage, it is important to have prepared for quick restoration of your system resources and data. We can provide your business with the compilation of disaster recovery resources including software, licenses, hardware, facilities and data restoration to allow for rapid reproduction of your work environment.

Remote Office and Multi-Location Support Remote Office and Multi-Location Support
Integrated Network Systems specializes in onsite and remote office support. It is sometimes necessary for onsite support but in many cases immediate remote support can save our clients money and time. Instead of scheduling for support many times we can handle issues while on the phone connected to your computer systems and manage the issue remotely.

Training for Hardware and Software SystemsTraining for Hardware and Software Systems
Any new technology is only as useful to the degree that the consumer can use it. In the computer industry users can become overwhelmed and discouraged which can lead to a waste of the investment. INS has trained professionals and teachers to provide on-site individual or group training for all facets of your computer related products and services. Your business cannot benefit from the tools and resources available today if you are unable to train your staff to use them. Let us provide your employees with the knowledge and insight to benefit from these technologies.

Support Support
One of the key words in the service industry is “availability.” We understand the importance of quick response and the fact that time is money when you employ personnel. We are committed to being available for support for all of our clientele. Most of our clients are on a first name basis with all of our technicians. They quickly come to know and trust the services provided by our staff . We are committed to this principle and want you to see what support is meant to be.