Email Filtering

INS Secure Mail Hosting Spam & Virus Firewall

A powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solution for complete protection of your organization’s email infrastructure, including email filtering, secure mail hosting, spam & virus firewall.



The INS Spam & Virus Firewall blocks spam, viruses, phishing, DoS, spoofing and other attacks. INS continuously updates threat profiles for the fastest threat responses available.


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INS Spam & Virus Firewall provides detailed email monitoring via a dashboard and reports that are easy to automatically create and email.

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The integrated cloud-layer protection stops ad and attack spam outside the perimeter keeping junk traffic out of LAN connections and email servers for scalable performance.

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Statements, securities information, health records, and other messages must be encrypted in emails or you could risk fines and audits. The integrated cloud encryption service lets you encrypt customized emails.

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No per-user fees and no fees for the cloud security and cloud encryption services make the INS Spam & Virus Firewall the best value in email security today.