Integrated Network System offers the full spectrum of hosting packages that can be customized for your business needs.
Everything from Co-location to E-Commerce, we host and maintain critical online business systems.

Let INS help you with:

    • cloud hosting
    •  dedicated servers
    • shared servers
    • application servers
    • backup servers
    • failover and co-location servers
    • virtual office
    • terminal servers
    • collaboration systems – video, audio, pc
    • web services – iis, .net, apache, php
    • database services – ms, sql, access, my sql
    • email – pop3, exchange
    • email and website filtering services
    • newsletter email services
Email and Web Hosting ServicesEmail and Web Hosting Services

Whether your business requires in-house mail servers or your needs are more basic, INS provides many email services including POP3 email, onsite Exchange Servers, offsite shared Exchange Services, web based email, and more. Along with our email solutions we provide web hosting solutions on Apache or IIS based systems.

 Email FilteringEmail Filtering

Email has been called one of the greatest inventions of all times. If you ask certain people you may get a very different description. Almost everyone agrees on the benefits of communication through email however it comes with a price. Far too often users have email services that allow too much junk mail into their Inbox, which causes great frustration and wasted time each day filtering through what is good email and what is spam. There is hope though. INS can provide the solution that stops the problem completely. Our filtering service eliminates over 99% of the junk mail coming into your account while at the same time protecting you from emails that contain virus or malware infections. All of this for around $0.15 a day.

Multi-User Collaboration SystemsMulti-User Collaboration Systems

Multi user collaboration services provide efficient communication of software applications, documentation, and ideas between team members who can be located any where around the world. These services can be used to collaborate on projects or allow for training of multiple staff members simultaneously. With conferencing services for voice, video, and application sharing, there really are no limits to the conference room walls anymore.