INS Internet Connection

Internet connectivity is your door of communication to the rest of the world. Integrated Network Systems can provide computer internet-connectioninstallation, service, and networking setups. INS can host your web sites and be an email provider. We also have tools that will filter out unwanted emails, scan incoming data for viruses, spamming, and other harmful intrusions into your computer from the internet. Integrated Network System offers the full spectrum of hosting packages that can be customized for your business needs. INS can implement systems to limit access, track users and the information they access, and provide real time virus and Trojan protection to the information coming into your network infrastructure.

Today’s technology allows for seamless connectivity between offices regardless of geographic locations. Affordable connections provide wide area network connectivity for your entire organization as if you where located in one central facility. In addition, remote home offices and mobile users can connect into the office resources without sacrifices and limitations that prevented productivity in past years. The world is now one seamless network and Integrated Network Systems can help you utilize the great advantages of these technologies.


Internet Connection Needs

When implementing a Solution consider the following:

  • Bandwidth Needs
  • Cost
  • Connection Type
  • Security
  • Service Guarantees and SLA
  • Scalability