Internet Connectivity

Along with providing internet connectivity, INS provides all levels and types of internet services, including implementing systems to limit access, track users, and Internet Connectivityprovide real time Virus and Trojan protection to the information coming into your office network.

What is Internet Connectivity through INS?

Keep your business connected with high-speed Internet connectivity service options from INS that provide a critical avenue for connecting with customers and suppliers, and accessing real-time applications over the Internet.

INS offers cost-effective Internet service in various types and speeds. You’ll receive connectivity that can:

  • Support your applications
  • Extend the reach of your VPN
  • Connect telecommuters to your main office
  • Provide remote access to your WAN environment
  • Quickly transfer large amounts of data
  • Support global connectivity

Choose from several types and speeds of Internet access services to support your business and your budget.

Why do I need specialized Internet Connectivity?

As technology grows, so does our need for bigger, better and faster Internet connections. Over the years the way content is presented via the Web has also changed drastically. Ten years ago being able to center, bold, and produce text in different colors on a webpage was something to admire. Today, Flash, animations, online gaming, streaming video, database-driven websites, ecommerce and mobile applications (to name but a few) are standards.

The Need for Speed

The need for speed has changed the options available to consumers and businesses alike in terms of how and how fast we can connect to the Internet.  The connection speeds listed below represent a snapshot of general average to maximum speeds at the time of publication. This is no doubt will change over time and Internet connection speeds also vary between Internet Service Providers (ISP).

When implementing a Solution consider the following:

  • Bandwidth Needs
  • Cost
  • Connection Type
  • Security
  • Service Guarantees and SLA
  • Scalability