Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keep your data safe and easily recoverable

Protecting your data has never been more crucial. Today's complex infrastructures and targeted cyber-attacks require a complete backup strategy that protects data wherever it resides— on‑premises or in the cloud.  At INS we help simplify the backup and recovery process to "set it and forget it", giving you peace of mind.

ensure data can be recovered from disaster or malicious attack.

Minimize Downtime.  Prevent Data Loss.

Recover quickly. Get up and running faster.

At INS we provide complete data backup technology and recovery solutions that protect your business data and ensure a rapid recovery time in the event of any disaster or unauthorized intrusion.


Ransomware protection.

Don't let criminals hold your data hostage. With INS, recovering your data is as simple as eliminating the malware, deleting the infected files, and restoring a good copy of your data.


Recover data fast.

Backup is only part of the challenge. WE make it simple to get your systems restored and running quickly for physical PC’s and servers, virtual servers, offsite locations, or the cloud.

Protect data wherever it resides.

Regardless of how data was compromised, INS can protect data wherever it resides. Files located on physical devices, virtual environments or the cloud, office 365, SharePoint or SQL data. Backup data can be replicated to an offsite location of your choice, including cloud storage or another physical location.


24/7 management.

Deployment, configuration, and ongoing management can all be controlled via a centralized cloud-based console.

Our approach:   The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

The golden rule of backups is called ‘3-2-1’ and it guides the INS approach to backing up your valuable data.

What does that mean?

It means that a properly backed up system has three different copies of your data, one of which is the primary, live, one you use. The second is usually a local backup stored somewhere onsite, and the third must be an exact copy stored somewhere offsite. This ensures that there is a local backup ready to go in case of a crash, and a robust offsite backup available in the event of a disaster.

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