INS Network Setup

One of the major challenges faced by network managers is ensuring that network setup and designs will in fact provide productive tools and services for the  Network Setup client. INS will help take the risks out of the network design. The proper design and implementation will allow infrastructure reliability, performance, availability, connectivity, and future improvements.

Our experience has lead to the commonsense approach, that every client’s needs are unique. As a result, every environment is customized and tailored to specific individual requirements. All needs are evaluated for current and future conditions considering the business services and their software needs.

New software advances allow for full multi-user interaction of your general software packages along with full audio and video conferencing allowing for virtual office environments regardless of geographic location. This allows for greater productivity by providing collaborative capabilities to your employees.

The next level of mobile connectivity starts with wireless communication. Wireless connectivity can be within a given facility or wide area infrastructure. Wireless can also be with cellular connectivity through all major cell providers. Users can literally travel in their cars and have full service real time connection to their office resources. If your company has the need to become mobile, INS can provide you several affordable secured solutions to meet your needs.

Why does my business need a Network?

Setting up a computer network is a good way to get more out of your system and its components. This is especially true if you are running a small business. Networking allows you to manage all of the operations of a small business – like communication, data transfer, and storage – more easily.

By setting up a network, your computer will be used to its full potential and all your business needs will be met. You can access the Internet with any computer on the network, as well as share files and devices across it. An effective computer network design can make a big difference for you and your business.


What decisions does my business need to make about Network Setup?

1.  Wired vs. Wireless:  Wired (or Ethernet) networks are said to be extremely reliable, economical, secure, and easy to install. If you have a lot of components you would like to access the Internet with, however, you might opt for a wireless network, which allows you to have broadband access from a distance. Wireless networks have become very easy to install as well, thanks to Wi-Fi. You also eliminate the need for wires or cords in a wireless network, hence the name.

2. Peer-to-Peer vs. Client Server:  In a peer-to-peer setup, every computer acts as both the client and the server. Each computer communicates directly with the other computers in the network and resources can be added or removed. A peer-to-peer setup is much more common in the home.  In a client-server setup, multiple clients (computers) connect to a single, central server. Public data and applications are only installed on the server and the clients connect to the server to use the resources. This type of setup is more typical in larger offices or businesses.

3.  Securing your Network: Network security is also important to consider when you’re running a small business.  It’s important to protect each computer on the network individually with passwords, restrictions, and programs such as firewalls anti-spyware, and anti-virus programs.