Remote Office and Multi-Location Support

Remote Office SupportIntegrated Network Systems specializes in onsite and remote office support. It is sometimes necessary for onsite support but in many cases immediate remote support can save our clients money and time.  Instead of scheduling for support many times we can handle issues while on the phone connected to your computer systems and manage the issue remotely.


What can Remote Office Support handle?

INS enables our tech support professionals to provide remote office support for your desktops, laptops, servers, smart phones, tablets, and more through corporate firewalls. Support reps can do things like view the screen, control the mouse, view system information and transfer files to diagnose and fix troubled systems.With INS, our support reps can:
  • Instantly support to and from nearly any platform. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and more.
  • Provide fast, effective support. Gain remote desktop control of multiple systems simultaneously. Automatically pull system info for quick diagnosis.
  • Maintain data security and compliance. Keep data and system access behind your own firewall.

Remote Office Support Services

Desktop, laptop, and PDA support and repair:

  • Software installation, troubleshooting, and upgrades
  • Virtual private networks (VPN) design, installation and support
  • Remote access server design, installation and support
  • Wireless network configuration and support
  • Printer maintenance
  • Installation and support for any additional technical devices they use in the field

On-site or remote support options:

Your remote office team doesn’t have the time to deal with downtime.  That’s why INS offers two service options to quickly — and cost-effectively — get them back on their way.