IT Services for Healthcare

IT Services for Healthcare provided by INS is the solution for doctors, dentists, urgent cares, medical facilities,  IT-Services-for-Healthcareand more!

Patient care and privacy are top priorities for medical practices. Maintaining thorough medical records is the foundation for providing top-notch services. But with complicated IT infrastructures, strict regulations and the migration to electronic medical records, this can be a daunting task and difficult to administer. So how can you streamline the daily processes in your medical office?

By letting us create, and support, a customized healthcare IT solution for your practice. This will allow you to remain focused on caring for your patients, while leaving the healthcare IT support, maintenance and proactive upkeep to us. INS has more than a decade of experience in creating tailored cloud computing solutions and medical practice management systems to meet the needs of your medical office. We approach IT differently. As a service organization, INS’s mission is customer satisfaction. While other cloud providers offer various pre-determined packages of products and services, INS makes our cloud yours through customization. For over 10 years we have created customized IT solutions for our clients. What exactly do we do?

1. Manage and maintain what we host for you offsite in our cutting-edge data centers
2. Provide the best, personal IT support 24x7x365
3. Handle your hardware and software upgrades, as well as the latest security updates
4. Protect your data and perform regular advanced system backups with the best disaster recovery and fail-safe technology