Training for Software and Hardware Systems

You need software and hardware training from INS because any new technology is only as useful to the degree that the consumer can use it.  In the computer industry users can  Software and Hardware Trainingbecome overwhelmed and discouraged which can lead to a waste of the investment.  INS has trained professionals and teachers to provide on-site individual or group training for all facets of your computer related products and services. Your business cannot benefit from the tools and resources available today if you are unable to train your staff to use them.  Let us provide your employees with the knowledge and insight to benefit from these technologies.


Why do I need computer training?

Computer technology doesn’t come easy for everyone. We’re told that it is supposed to make our life easier. But if you don’t have an understanding of how technology works, it can actually make your life a lot more difficult. And when you’re already busy doing the job you were hired to do, trying to figure out how to use new hardware or software brought in to your office is usually not a welcome chore.

Often times IT vendors will install software and/or hardware and then expect the user to understand how to use it.  That’s where INS comes in. Our staff will offer recommendations for new software or hardware; we will utilize and explore options prior to a purchase and ask for quotations and estimates as needed.

When new computer hardware is deployed or implemented, INS will provide training on the use of the new hardware. Training can also be offered on several different software packages, such as Microsoft Office, and other software available that requires instruction.

It doesn’t matter how basic or advanced your technical questions are, with INS, your company’s employees will gain an understanding and confidence. We offer solutions to any question.

INS will help you understand:

  1. If you don’t understand how to use MS Office. We will teach you.
  2. Maybe turning on the computer and accessing the Internet overwhelms you. We can show you how.

INS will also review your existing equipment on site and determine if there is a better solution to your current setup. We can discuss options and perhaps find a better solution than what your company is currently using. We can then consult with the team and advise on which upgrades are necessary. All existing equipment will be tested to ensure everything is up to date and doing what it is designed to do.

We offer this comfort because we want you and your employees to fully comprehend the hardware and software that you will be using every day. It’s our goal to set you up for success.