Virus and Firewall Protection

Let INS handle your virus and firewall protection. With any great advancements in technologies there are individuals who have utilized these systems to bring harm and aggravation toVirus and Firewall Protection others. Now that companies and users are connected on a global scale it is imperative to protect your information and computer systems. INS can evaluate and design all levels of protection that your company needs.  In all cases it is significantly more affordable to implement preventative measures of safety than it is to simply assume you will not be affected and clean up the aftermath of an attack.


What is firewall protection?

Basically, a good firewall provides protection from prying eyes. It stops thieves and intruders from accessing your computer, laptop, workstation or server. A good firewall can protect your computer from malicious worms.

A firewall also prevents confidential information from being sent out from your computer without your permission. This could be your passwords, bank details and other personal information.

 Firewall protection from identity theft

A good firewall goes a long way to protect you from ‘identity thieves’ – internet hackers who can break into vulnerable computer systems and steal private files, credit card information, tax records, passwords and identification or reference numbers. Remote thieves can even hijack your system to send spam messages, or plant destructive computer viruses.


So what does a firewall do?

Quite simply put, a firewall protects your computer from intrusion (scanning or attack) by hackers while it is connected to the Internet. A firewall examines electronic data coming in or out of a computer (or network) and compares it to the rules it has been given. If the data matches the rules, it’s allowed to pass. If it doesn’t, it is blocked.

Research shows that an unprotected computer system will come under attack within the first 15 minutes of Internet use. This is why it’s so important that you have security software installed on your PC before you connect to the Internet.

If your computer is new and has no internet security software installed, we recommend you download and install such software along with all necessary Windows updates and patches needed to make it secure before starting to browse the Internet.