Security Risk Assessment & Compliance

Today’s organizations are always at risk for cyber-attacks of all kinds, which means they need to stay ahead of potential attacks.  Risk and vulnerability assessments are needed in order to reduce the window of exposure to potential attacks, eliminate weak points, and mitigate damage.

The INS Approach to Security Risk Assessment & Compliance

At INS, we will assess your security processes and infrastructure to locate vulnerabilities, risks and preparedness.  We analyze existing security controls and assess their ability to remediate vulnerabilities and recommend steps to lower the risk of future attacks.  

Key steps completed during our security risk assessment include:

  • Determine information value (short- or long-term impact of information being lost or stolen)
  • Identify and Prioritize Assets (trade secrets, electronic data, office devices)
  • Identify Threats (data leaks, insider threats, service disruption)
  • Identify Vulnerabilities (software analysis, audit reports, incident reports)
  • Calculate Likelihood and Impact (scenario review, cost of impact)
  • Prioritize risks (cost of prevention vs. information value)
  • Document results (risk assessment reporting)
  • Assessment report (recommended security control changes)

Threat Risk Assessment and Resolution

At INS, we help organizations incorporate the right security controls into their information system so that they become an integral part of the system’s operational capabilities to help prevent misuse and malicious behavior.  We build and implement technologies that secure your organization through design, implementation, configuration, and management.

MALWARE THREAT:  Malicious software designed to intentionally disrupt, destroy, or steal your information and systems.
SOLUTION:  Firewalls & Antivirus
Let INS make sure your firewall is up to date and that your computers’ antivirus is up to the job.
RANSOMWARE THREAT:  By attaining access to either your systems or your personnel, hackers can maliciously encrypt critical systems and demand a ransom for it to be restored.

SOLUTION:  Update and Isolate Systems
Hackers typically gain access either through unpatched hardware or overly available software. Upgrading the one and securing the other reduces the risk of ransomware attacks happening to you.
MALWERTISING THREAT:  Online adverts filled with malicious code or scareware trying to either infect your computers or get your employees to give them access or money.

SOLUTION:  Antivirus with Web Protection
With world class, up to date antivirus software on your systems, malicious adverts can be stopped dead in their tracks.
PHISHING THREAT:  Scam artists use legitimate-looking email addresses and letterheads to make their dangerous emails look safe. These can be mass attacks, or targeted as a few important individuals.

SOLUTION:  Education & Testing
INS can help educate and train your employees to see through phishing emails’ lies and deception and put them where they belong: in the trash.
EMAIL SPAM THREAT:  Spam email, whether malicious or not, has the ability to overwhelm your mailboxes with loads of unhelpful junk.

SOLUTION:  Filtering
Moving your email onto Microsoft’s Office 365 platform gives you access to world-class spam blocking and filtering, cleaning up your mailbox so you only get the emails you need.
PHYSICAL SECURITY THREAT:  When people think of cybersecurity, they largely think of internet and software problems, but another risk is someone stealing important equipment or inserting something dangerous on your network.

SOLUTION:  Encryption, surveillance, vigilance
Data on computers can be secured from physical attacks by encrypting their storage. Surveillance cameras and proper training to the threats posed by outside actors can help stop physical attacks.
OUTDATED EQUIPMENT THREAT:  Old equipment is more vulnerable to attacks, having not been updated to prevent commonly known attacks and exploits.

SOLUTION:  Update systems, replace old ones
Patch management can help keep current systems up-to-date and secure to modern threats. We can also help move critical functions off of old hardware and old operating systems.
INSIDER THREAT:  Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to employees funneling money from the company to themselves and handing access to outsiders, whether intentionally or not.

SOLUTION:  Permissions governance and file auditing
We can help you restrict access to important systems and data, and track who accesses which systems when and from where.

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